Saturday, March 14, 2009

Does your baby have colic? Is your baby extra fussy and has a hard time falling asleep?
Let one mother's miracle product help you as much as it helps her!
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If someone told me that hopping on one foot in the laundry room while wearing a tutu would have made my first baby stop crying, I would have done it! It seemed like the only time he would calm down quickly or fall asleep was when I was bouncing him.

Up and down the hall... sitting on the edge of the bed... getting a sore back from sitting on an exercise ball. Desperately I tried everything to calm his colic symptoms. The bouncing worked but I was exhausted!

I knew there had to be an easier, more comfortable way to provide the bouncing motion he needed.

And now, after extensive research and design - the SoodleSeat is here!

1. Snuggle your baby in your arms
2. Sit in the center of the SoodleSeat
3. Gently bounce up and down

You will be amazed at how well your baby responds to the soothing motion. You'll love how comfortable it is to use and with a convenient handle, it's easy to transport to another room or store in a closet.

During my second pregnancy I discovered that, when laid on its side, the SoodleSeat makes an amazingly comfortable cushion that absorbs leg, pelvic and abdominal pressure. BLISS for the pregnant body!